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What We Offer

Exotic Entertainment For Men and Women

Wild Entertainment specializes in finding and providing the best exotic entertainers in Las Vegas!

We offer a variety of exotic men and women for hire, including:

  • Exotic Dancers / Strippers (Las Vegas): 

  • Topless Waiter / Waitress / Bartender: 

    • Our guide hand selects the best websites that feature bikini, lingerie, briefs, g-string, pasties, topless and fully nude waiters, waitresses, bartenders, dancers and servers.
  • Atmosphere Models: 

    • You’ll find ambiance models in Las Vegas on our website.
  • Card Dealers: 

    • Looking for a sexy female card dealer?  Maybe a buff male blackjack dealer?  We have all types and we are LGBT friendly!
  • Golf Caddy Girls / Guys: 

    • Our girls and guys are fun to play golf with so hire a few of our golf caddies to serve you while you visit Las Vegas.
  • Sushi Model: 

    • Why not have a beautiful girl to serve you sushi.. but on her body!  
  • Fantasy Date:   

    • Our women and men preferred to be called companions in Las Vegas instead of escorts.  We are professional and polite and a lot of sexy fun for solo visitors and couples who want to spice things up while they are in Las Vegas!
  • Companions / Escorts: 

    • See “Fantasy Date”
  • Burlesque Dancers: 

    • Only the elite burlesque dancers of the world dance in Las Vegas.  And now you can hire them for your special company party or private event in Vegas!
  • Gogo Dancers: 

    • Our gogo dancers are fun, spunky, gorgeous, and have a ton of great sultry moves to really enhance your event.
  • TV / Movie / Commercial Acting: 

    • Our guys and girls are available for television, movies, commercial, or any acting or performing gig.