Welcome to the Wild Affiliate Program


We offer more sexy entertainment options than any other marketing program!

Packages for sale including but not limited to:

  • Men For Hire: Striptainers, Buff Butlers, VIP Hosts, Man Candy, Fantasy Date and Specialty Acts
  • Women For Hire: Striptainers, Sexy Servers, Atmosphere Models, Gogo/Burlesque Dancers, Golf Caddy, Sushi Models, Card Dealers, Cabana Candy, VIP Hosts, Fantasy Date and Specialty Acts.
  • Shows: Tickets & VIP service for Aussie Heat, Black Magic, Magic Mike Live, Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under
  • Strip Clubs: Tickets & VIP service for Sapphire/Men of Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Hustler/Kings of Hustler, CH3, Treasures, Palominos.
  • Party Bus Packages: Custom Party Bus Packages for Special Occasions.


As an affiliate for us, you are able to collect commissions for every sale you refer. Becoming an affiliate is easy and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Once your application is approved, you can integrate our links, banners, widgets, and special deals on your website or social media channel and begin earning commissions.  Every time a customer visits our site and clicks to purchase one of our packages, you earn revenue.

Our average sale amount is around $250 with orders ranging from $100 to $4,000.  We split the profit with you 50/50. Our typical commission is 10-15% of the sale amount (before tax & fees).

You can refer a sale in two ways.  One is with a promo code.  The other is through sales widgets on your own website. Widgets are given to agencies that do high volume in sales.

Commissions are paid after the product/service has been consumed.  For any questions regarding our affiliate program, feel free to contact our office at (702) 605-0800.


Why Would A Customer Use A Promo Code?
Customer’s rarely forget to use online promo codes or coupons these days.  With a standard 5% discount (plus optional free e-gifts), we’re able to capture the sale and track it to the original referrer.   It is in our mutual interest to reward you for any sales you are responsible for.  Your success is directly tied into ours.  By working together, we can be a strong affiliate family for many years to come!
How Do I Know If Someone Used My Promo Code?
At Wild, we utilize the online reservation platform called Peek Pro.  By partnering up with this esteemed nationwide software company, Wild has the ability to track all sales utilizing promo codes and sales widgets. We can provide you with a monthly report to go along with your commission check.  Our mission is to make sure you are rewarded for any sales you are responsible for.  Without your growth, we cannot expand.  Therefore we value our affiliates and its is in our best interest to make sure you have the training and sales tools you need to be a successful and profitable promoter.
Can I Just Promote One Service Or Category?
Yes you can.  We decided to separate our services into categories.  And from there, we built out separate websites, thus allowing you to pick and choose which category of service you wish to promote. EXAMPLE #1: You only want to promote male strippers for hire and that’s it. You can refer customers to www.striptainers.com and your promo code works.  In fact, your promo code works for all of our ecommerce sites within our network. EXAMPLE #2: You want to promote buff butlers and sexy waitresses.  Send your customers to www.loremservo.com. Now you can offer the best butler/bartender/waiter service in the U.S.  EXAMPLE #3: You only want to promote our party bus packages.  Send your customers to www.partyonwheels.org. EXAMPLE #4: You only want to promote our male companion service.  Send your customers to www.fantasy.date. As long as your customer uses your promo code, you will receive a commission for the sale.
How Can I Get A White Label Website?
You may call the office of Wild at (702) 605-0800 to discuss this option.  This option is reserved for larger agencies that do large sales volume.

To apply as an affiliate, simply fill out the form below.

Affiliate Program Rules:

You can NOT put your link on a top 10 site, review site, any site that’s designed to gather traffic using spam techniques.  You can ONLY place your links on web properties that you own and can control.  View our Terms of Use for Affiliates.