A Buff Butler is simply a gentleman who is in great shape, is attractive, well groomed, and is the ultimate host for a girl’s night out.

As a butler, your job is to make sure all the guests in the party are having a good time. Whether it’s pouring drinks, or helping out with some light cleaning, or hosting games or doing toasts, you are the ultimate host and a lot more than just eye candy.

You’re the ultimate package. A man who can make a woman laugh, rub her neck if she’s stressed, play games (drinking or just for fun), tell jokes, etc.

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A Striptainer is defined as a “Professional Entertainer who Strips”. Basically this is a huge upgrade from your typical male stripper. Male stripper’s have had a bad reputation in the past as being shady amateurs. A Striptainer is someone who is not only attractive, but reliable, professional, likable and above all, knows how to entertain!

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Man Candy is simply a model for ALL types of jobs that don’t fall in line with Striptainer, Buff Butler, or Fantasy Date. These can be a job of any type.

Man Candy models are often used for promotional modeling, flash mobs, atmosphere modeling, event promotions, etc. A Man Candy model is a perfect solution for any custom event, private party, or corporate function.

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Fantasy Date is exactly what it sounds like. A person’s fantasy come true in the shape of a personal date.

These dates include going to shows, dinners, movies, nightclubs, pool parties, gambling, company events, weddings, birthday parties, any special occasion, or just for a stroll on the beach or a trip through the city.

Take your fantasy date anywhere, shopping, dining out, exploring, the possibilities are endless!

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Wild Thingz is for everything wild! This category focuses on unique and fun specialty acts including singers, acrobats, little people, cosplay, deejays and impersonators.

We also have gogo/burlesque dancers, sushi models, card dealers and golf caddies.

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The male talent we seek is someone who is simply a gentleman for hire who can model, dance or entertain. He’s an attractive and fit person who has a fun personality and knows how to act appropriate and perform his job with the utmost professionalism.