Happy Tuesday y’all! Time for some company news:

So I’ve been insanely busy (what’s new lol) these past few months. I’ve had some personal turmoil (a couple friends passed away), some business stress (moving out of office, dealing with crooked mechanic working on my party bus), and the usual workload from running this company. My goals are to improve the operational software and hire responsible employees to run the business.

I had two booking agents come and go this summer. The turnover definitely hurt our sales during that time. Right now have Christina, Kris and myself managing reservations. We’ve been doing our best but sales/bookings have been mismanaged due to the lack of support.

Fortunately my silent partners are stepping in to help with these growing pains.

I am now creating a full-time position for my company as well as a part-time position. The full-time position will be the General Manager for Wild and the part-time position will assist the GM. This should finally take a big load off my hands so I can focus on what I’m most valuable at, which is customer acquisition. I will be able to focus solely on marketing and finding more clients/job opportunities for my talent.

We are having a big company event soon. I am looking for ideas of where to have this party. Some suggestions have been Ranch Island or the Doll House. Does anyone have any strong connections there? Or do you have another location/venue that could be suitable? At our company party, we will be discussing on how to do our jobs while delivering exceptional service while making maximum money. We will also shoot promotional content for your pages and our websites. And of course we’re gonna have some fun 😉

We are also having a huge Halloween party! Whoever wants to be involved in that, please let me know as we’re looking for volunteers to help put this together.

Everyone, please try to make our company events, especially the ones where we discuss jobs and how to do them and make the most in tips. We only want loyal, committed, hard working and responsible talent with positive attitudes from now on. We are updating all of our websites (starting with Striptainers, Fantasy Date, and Wild Boyz/Girlz) and we will be trimming down the roster and removing those who barely participate.


If you’re someone who feels like they’re not getting booked enough, just remember, all you’re doing is replying to our texts once in a while. That’s it. If we say “the job has been filled”, then just forget it and move on. Successful people don’t get discouraged at the first sign of failure. They think about how to improve and keep on grinding. If you’re not getting booked, just ask yourself “How are my pictures/videos looking on my webpage? Am I in my best shape? Is my hair and skin on point? Do my pictures look professional? Do I have a variety of pics/videos to help customers know how I really look? Does my bio sound enticing? Does my intro video really show off my voice and charming personality? Is my rate competitive? Am I showcasing any unique or popular skills?”

Until you’ve done all you can to make yourself and your model page look the best it can be, you haven’t done enough. I can’t make you improve yourself. That motivation and drive has to come from you. The talent that books the most work with us often will send up new updated pics and videos (videos make the BIGGEST difference). It’s amazing how one great picture or video can make the difference in how often they book jobs. When thinking of ways to promote yourself, think of Tinder.  How do you sell yourself on that app?  Do you use a variety of cool pics or video clips to illustrate who you are or what you’re like? Do you have a funny quote or random story that you share?  Remember, you are in the business of SELLING YOURSELF.  You only get a few seconds to make an impression. Make sure your talent profile sells you as well as your tinder profile 😉


We’re still recovering as an economy. We didn’t expect it to just bounce right back to where it was pre-pandemic. We’re at 50% where we were prior. It’s been a slow climb and most of Las Vegas has felt this hit. But also, like I said earlier, I haven’t been able to focus on marketing or lead generation because I have to manage and operate the business. Finding two solid managers will definitely make a huge difference. Also I’ve been working on new business software for months that will greatly improve how fast we fulfill orders. Once this happens, I’m turning the faucet on marketing and we will see a big influx of new business/clients! I can’t wait to do this. It’s been on my mind all year.

** I can make you all some very cool looking professional entertainer cards.  Please DM me if you want one. We need a professional picture for your main pic **




To be featured on www.striptainers.com, you have to have professional photos and a 30 second intro video. We can help you with your pics/videos upon request.

Pay for Striptainers party will be $150 + tips. The minimum time for these parties is only 20 minutes! Of course, you can stay longer but it’s up to you.. as long as they’re tipping, you’re stripping!



To be featured on www.wildboyzentertainment.com, you need to have some amazing pictures, videos, and professional experience as a magic mike dancer (show performers preferred). You can choose your own rate on this site.

To be featured on www.wildgirlzentertainment.com, you need to have some amazing pictures, videos, and professional experience as an exotic dancer (show performers preferred). You can choose your own rate on this site.

(if you are not accepted for these websites, please do not take it personal. These brands are about professional exotic dancers who have an impressive resume and meet our appearance and performance qualifications)



To be featured on www.fantasy.date, you have to have professional photos, a bio, and a 30 second intro video. You can choose your own rate on this site. You can have five different rates now.

1) Atmosphere
2) Casual Date
3) Wing Man/Woman
4) Honey Trap
5) In-Room Entertainment

Now this will make it easier to know what you’re getting into when you’re booked for a Fantasy Date.



So some of you girls are on Love Bunnies and some are on Playgirls. The girls on Love Bunnies have FANTASTIC pics and/or videos. That’s pretty much it. You have to look the part to be on Love Bunnies. If your appearance isn’t on point and if your pictures look amateur, then you can’t be on LB.

Any girls who are on Playgirls will be moved over to Striptainers.

Playgirls will be switching over to sports/fun/outdoor/recreational activities soon. For example, we will feature our golf caddy girls on there. So it will be for hiring girls to go out and have FUN. It won’t be about strippers anymore.

(If you’re not on Love Bunnies, you’ll still get open job offers and you’ll be paid the same even if you’re not on the website. Remember, LB is a branding play and you have to have enticing pics/videos to be on there. So don’t worry if you’re not on that site as you can still get booked for jobs. Again, if you want to be on Love Bunnies, you got to make the effort to create the pics/videos we need for your page.)


So I hope everyone is hanging in there. We’ll be busy until Halloween and then it’ll slow down for the winter months. Things pick back up when conventions start up in January.

Until then, let me know if you’d like to be a bigger part of the Wild family. As a talent or office employee or promoter, you can do as well as you want but you got to put the work and time in. Success doesn’t come from positive thinking.. it comes from hard work on a consistent basis. That’s it!

** Hit me up if you want to improve your pics/videos and be more involved with our promotional videos. I have a video production team I’m putting together that is excited to help you achieve your entertainer goals! We can shoot some amazing content that we can both use.. for your own personal use (onlyfans, etc) and for our business. Let me know if you’d like to participate and we can add you to our list and make sure you’re involved in our next co-content creating event 🙂