We work extremely hard to provide you with the best exotic entertainment in the U.S.


We promise to be honest with our communications and to deliver you the 5 star service that you deserve.


Scroll down to read our Rules of Etiquette.


    1. You can party hard and do what you like but please do not get out of control or to the point where you are threatening the safety of our entertainers.  They have the option and right to leave if they feel unsafe at any time. There is no refund if this happens.
    1. Touching is allowed as long as it’s within the comfort level of the entertainer.  
    2. Please do not call and ask if you can pay to have sex with our entertainers.  That is illegal in the city of Las Vegas and we follow the law.  
    3. As adults, you can have sex with anyone you want as long as it’s consensual.
    4. Exposing your genitalia or making unwanted sexual contact with the entertainer is absolutely prohibited.
    1. We will NOT allow our entertainers to work with entertainers from another agency.  We have had problems with entertainers from other agencies causing problems at our parties.  We screen our talent and make sure they do NOT have criminal records but we can not say the same for other agencies. 
    2. If you wish to have our entertainers work with outside entertainers, you must first let us know ahead of time. Sometimes we can make exceptions but we must be notified first.
    3. If our entertainers arrive to your party and see entertainers from an other agency and this was NOT approved ahead of time, the entertainers have the right to cancel the reservation and the booking fee will not be refundable.
    1. For larger group parties, we sometimes offer a complimentary party host to help setup the party and assist the dancers.  They come prepared with change for tipping, music, speakers, disco lights, games, props, etc.  Please be courteous to your host as they are there to help you with your party needs.  A complimentary party host is optional and up to our discretion.  Contact our office if any questions regarding our hosts and their duties.


Tipping not only shows appreciation but allows you to do so much more.  You can upgrade your party and play adult games, watch a private fantasy show (girl on girl, strap on, fire and ice, bath and shower shows), get the entertainers fully nude, buy lap dances, couch dances, bedroom dances, and more!

  • For a male entertainer at a group party for ten people, the average tip is anywhere from $200 to $500 ($20 to $50 per guest).  
  • For a female entertainer at a group party for ten people, the average tip is anywhere from $400 to $1000 ($40 to $100 per guest). 
  • For solo’s and couples, the average tip is $200 to $400 for a male entertainer and $400 to $800 for a female entertainer.

Can you tip more or less than average?  Of course! It’s completely up to you. What’s the rule of thumb?  “The bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill”.  Our entertainers work hard to give you the best exotic experience.  Show them some love through your tips.

We advise you to have as much loose change on you as possible. That way you won’t have to stop in the middle of the fun and go to the ATM.  Our entertainers sometimes take Venmo or Cash App, but cash is always preferred 😉

How to tip female strippers
  • Seek and Destroy / Titty Car Wash: $1’s (make it rain!)
  • Putting for Pussy / Anal Ring Toss / Big Dick Shooter: $20 per player
  • Pussy Magic: $100 per girl (fully nude parties only)
  • Lap dance (lingerie): $20
  • Lap dance (topless): $30
  • Lap dance (fully nude): $50
  • Three dances for $100 (two topless, one fully nude)
  • Bedroom dance $100
  • Shower dance: $200
  • Fire and Ice Show: $150
  • Bubble Bunnies: $200 per girl
  • Twerk Tsunami: $300 per girl
  • Fantasy Girl on Girl Show (with dildos or strap-ons): $400 per girl


How to tip male strippers
  • Crowd Dancing: $1’s (make it rain!)
  • Body Shots: $5 or $10
  • Hide and Go Seek: Whatever you want to tip
  • Whipped Cream Boat Race: $20 per player
  • Dick Magic: $100 (fully nude parties only)
  • Lap dance (quick): $1’s
  • Lap dance (Briefs or G-String): $20
  • Three dances (Briefs or G-String): $50 
  • Lap dance (Fully Nude): $40
  • Three dances (Fully Nude): $100 
  • Bedroom dance $150
  • Shower dance: $200 
  • Full Monty Flash: $50
  • Full Monty Dance: $100
  • Full Monty Shower Show: $200
  • Fire and Ice Show: $150