Corporate Events & Trade-shows

Our Las Vegas atmosphere models are commonly booked for social events. They are sexy, smart, sociable and a great method to turn any event into a success! Our models look great and have the social personalities to engage in conversation as well as walk around to add eye candy to parties and events. They mix and mingle as well as entertain your guests. Organizers and event hosts often prep the models about a company?s product or service; so they can talk about the company that booked them. When atmosphere models are booked for an event, it has been proven guests stay longer and have more fun.

Arm Candy & Wing-woman

No group of guys should go out in Las Vegas empty-handed. Whether you?re planning a bachelor party, birthday party, company party, or a boys? night out, our atmosphere models will party with you and your group at the hottest pool parties and nightclubs and make sure everyone is having a blast! We have over 50 of the most gorgeous models in Las Vegas and you get to choose who you want to hang out with. There is no bait and switch. In fact, every model in the photo above can be booked for parties. All our models are individually auditioned to ensure they?re fun, outgoing, friendly and very attractive.

We pride ourselves on creating an unforgettable time for our clients and ensuring everyone goes home with their best Vegas experience yet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an atmosphere / ambiance / entourage / party model?

An atmosphere model is a model hired to improve or enhance the atmosphere and inject energy, passion, beauty and fun into any type of event.  The models are experts at entertaining, interacting, and mingling with a variety of guests. Typically, the models will be dressed in tasteful, upscale nightlife attire, but clients have the option of tailoring the attire to fit their specific needs.

For example, clients can hire atmosphere models for any type of event.  If it’s for a company party, often times the atmosphere girls show up at the party looking like the rest of the guests so they blend in (although they are model attractive by today’s standards).  They are paid to enhance the party and keep things live.  Have you ever been to a party that had few girls in attendance and nobody seemed to be dancing or having fun?  That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen at your party.  And that’s why you bring in ATMOSPHERE MODELS.  At Wild, we specialize more in corporate events rather than single private parties.  We can customize any entertainment experience you like.  Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how we can make your dream event come to life!

Aren't atmosphere models just escorts in disguise?

That kind of blanket statement is very small minded and people should NOT be so quick to judge. Just because someone saw an escort working as an atmosphere model somewhere, does not mean all atmosphere models are escorts! 

To say an atmosphere model is just an escort (or even worst, prostitute) in disguise is incredibly weak and sad.  Someone making these statements probably is of low value and is considered a “hater”.  

Most atmosphere models are either amateur or professional models who have lives and work all kinds of jobs. They deserve the same respect as your Mom or sister.  We take extreme pride in offering classy, professional models and we are in no way, shape or form connected to an escort agency.




What's a Wing Woman?

A Wing Woman is a woman who is hired to help gentlemen meet attractive and interesting people.  Their main role is to encourage interaction and to create opportunities to meet people of the client’s interest.  A Wing Woman is essentially the same thing as a Wing Man.

What is Cabana Candy?

Cabana Candy is a woman who is hired to act as an atmosphere model at any pool side event.

What is a Human Mannequin?

A human mannequin is a model for hire that is able to pose in a variety of ways without movement.