Well, 2023 is in the books and it was a hell of a year. F1 and the Super Bowl has really brought Vegas back to life and now 2024 will probably be one of the best years we’ve had since before Covid. 

Exotic entertainment is booming, and there’s nowhere better to go to find the best Services than Wild Entertainment. While there are a lot of options for exotic services, such as nightclubs and strip clubs, we at Wild Entertainment want to find a better alternative for you. The best solution we have come up with is to throw private events at the convenience of your own home or hotel. If you spend money at a nightclub, for example, almost all of it goes to the corporation that owns the hotels and the nightclub venue. A small percent goes to the actual people that are serving and entertaining you. Black rock and Vanguard own almost half of all the hotels on the Las Vegas trip. So everything on the strip is highly profit  driven and the prices are set to make sure shareholders are happy and so it is not about the customer but about the corporations and their greedy profit motives.

So you have an option. Would you rather spend $2000 at nightclub which will get you a table and three bottles and 12 people to sit down for two hours. And that’s it. There’s no guarantee you’ll find girls that want to have fun and get wild. If you do, those girls are often working girls and are looking to rip you off.

The same could be said at the strip club, but even more so. You can spend $1000 and that won’t get you more than entry into the club, a couple of drinks and half an hour in the VIP room where a stripper will sit on you for a bit and then ask you to tip the host and server on your way out so you end up spending $1200 for basically an hour and a half of nothing. 

And most of the strippers in the strip club are annoying. This is a 100% fact. This strip club only cares about having lots of girls in the club to make it look impressive but most of them are money hungry hoes like out of the movie Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez. The culture in the strip clubs is to target individuals with money, and to play mind games and tell stories and to do whatever it takes to get money out of them. Often they eill do things like promise to meet you outside the club and ask you to give them 500 now and 500 later. You can assure that $500 is gone because they will never see you outside the club.

If they do come the room, it’s with a pimp and to exhort you out of more money. There is no such thing as a magical night with a stripper from the strip club. It is often criminals and hustlers that work there.

With the company such as Wild Entertainment, we have already spent a great amount of time filtering and screening our talent to make sure we don’t have such people working for us. We take extreme pride in finding the best strippers who are beautiful inside and out and truly are a lot of fun and will give you the memories that you really want. That’s what we’re proud to have a 5 star average rating on Google and have been with the Better Business Bureau for over 17 years with an A+ rating. Good luck finding a strip club that can match our reputation 😎 

So you when you’re ready to have some exotic entertainment in Las Vegas be sure to look for us first and we will help guide you to finding the perfect exotic experience you’ve always wanted!