Welcome to Booty Smell Good Doe!

Here we will post news and information regarding the league and how best to play. We have a 14 team league. Draft is in snake format. Points are scored Head to Head.

Welcome to Booty Smell Good Doe!

Here we will post news and information regarding the league and how best to play. We have a 14 team league. Draft is in snake format. Points are scored Head to Head.

The Players

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The Prizes

  • The cost to play in this league is $100 per year.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal to [email protected]
  • The following are the prizes:
    • 1st place $1000
    • 2nd place $200
    • Most points in the season $200
  • The player that finishes at the bottom must do a challenge that the league agrees upon.  TBD!

The Rules

  • If you have an issue, please contact the commissioners, Trey Richards or Steve Ranieri. If you have a question about this webpage, contact Steve Kim.
  • There will be TWO (2) Groupme Chats for this league.  One is for chatting with other the league players.  The other is only for posting trades.
  • When talking on group chat, please don’t have super long conversations with just one person.  You can DM them for that.  Otherwise it will annoy the other players to have to hear the constant ring notifications each time you send a message.  


The Calendar

  • Last day to announce your keepers: July ?
  • Last day to make off-season trades: TBD
  • Draft Day: July 10th, 2022
  • Last day to trade during the season: TBD
  • Last day to use waivers: TBD
  • Playoff Schedule: TBD
  • Playoff Parties: TBD
  • Championship Game: TBD
  • Championship Party: TBD

The Draft Order

Draft Order (without trades)
1. Buc Up “Bobby”
2. Ron Mexico “J.O.”
3. Big D’s Revenge “Tom”
4. Lion Among Wolves “Erik”
5. Next Year “Angel”
6. Craigslist “Craig”
7. HeHateSteve “Steve R”
8. Just Win Baby “Kaleb”
9. Show me the Mooney “Sam”
10. Nobody’s Burfict “Trey”
11. Wild Thingz “Steve K”
12. Orient Express “Ricky”
13. WINMONGER “Adrian”
14. Peek a Boo Skeets “Fernando”

The Keepers Rules

  • You can keep up to eight (8) players + two (2) defensive players + one (1) rookie.
  • Any player picked up on waivers is worth a 5th round pick to keep for the following season.
  • Any player picked up as a free agent is worth a 10th round pick to keep for the following season. A free agent is any player picked up for free without having to bid on. 
  • You can trade during the off-season in order to finalize your keeper list
  • The player you keep will retain the round that he was picked in
    • Example: Bob drafts Alvin Kamara as a rookie in the 12th round.  Two years later, Alvin is now valued at a first round pick. Steve can let Alvin go for anyone to draft or he can keep Alvin and it would only cost him his 12th round pick. 
    • Steve can spend his 12th round pick every year in order to keep Alvin.
  • If you have two picks in the same round, you can choose which pick to use to keep a player.  
    • For example, you have round 4 pick 2 and round 4 pick 10.  You can use round 4 pick 10 to keep a player and draft with the higher round 4 pick 2.
  • During the off-season, it’s smart to swap picks with other players.
    • For example, Steve has round 1 pick 3 and he’s using it to keep David Johnson.  Paul has round 2 pick 2 and he’s using it to keep Travis Kelce.  Steve has round 2 pick 12 and Paul has round 1 pick 10.  Steve and Paul can swap their first and second round picks.  They both can still keep their players (DJ and Kelce) but now they can pick at a higher order. 
  • If your players go down in value, obviously you probably don’t want to keep them as you could draft them later and at a lower pick.
  • If you have any questions on how to play keepers, feel free to ask Trey Richards, Steve Ranieri or Steve Kim.

The Angel Exemption

  • The Angel Exemption allows an owner to convert a waiver pickup (one exemption per year) into a free agent. BUT said owner has to sacrifice one of their vet offensive keepers to do so (8 down to 7). After the one year the player is locked in as a 10th and further exemptions aren’t required.
  • “I’m interested in feedback. If there are no objections I think we should implement this for this season.” – Trey

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Potential Keepers per Team

Buc Up
RB J. Williams (R) 2nd
WR Hopkins 3rd
WR D. Smith (R) 3rd
RB M. Gordon 4th
QB Burrow 6th
WR R. Moore (R) 8th
RB K. Herbert (R) 10th
WR Palmer (R) 12th
WR Meyers 13th
LB R. Smith 15th
TE Njoku 17th
DE D. Lawrence 21st

Lion Among Wolves
RB Jacobs 2nd
RB Henry 5th
WR Smith-Schuster 5th
WR Gallup 7th
WR St. Brown (R) 9th
TE I. Smith 12th
WR Patrick 14th
LB Warner 16th
WR Valdes-Scantling 18th
WR De. Harris 20th
TE L. Thomas 22nd

Just Win Baby
WR M. Evans 1st
RB McCaffery 2nd
RB D. Cook 2nd
WR K. Allen 2nd
TE Kelce 3rd
TE Ertz 7th
RB Patterson 9th
LB T. Watt 13th
WR Higgins 17th

Thunder Cats
RB Barkley 1st
RB Gibson 2nd
WR Metcalf 4th
WR Golladay 5th
WR D. Moore 5th
TE Goedert 5th
QB Kyler Murray 6th
TE Cole Kmet 8th
WR Godwin 9th
WR Kendrick Bourne 10th
QB Trey Lance (R) 10th
WR Renfrow 11th
TE Waller 13th
WR C. Davis 13th
DE J. Bosa 15th
S James 18th
Peek a Boo Skeets
RB Etienne 1st
WR Tyreek Hill 1st
WR Jefferson 3rd
RB Mixon 4th
WR Aiyuk 6th
LB Parsons (R) 6th
WR Toney (R) 8th
DE N. Bosa 10th
QB Tua T. 10th
WR G. Davis 13th
RB Ekeler 14th
WR AJ Brown 16th
QB Mahomes 17th
WR Dy. Brown (R) 20th
Ron Mexico
WR Cooper 1st
RB Swift 2nd
WR Beckham 2nd
RB Singletary 3rd
WR A. Robinson 4th
QB T. Lawrence (R) 5th
WR Kirk 8th
WR R. Anderson 9th
DE Ngakoue 20th
LB Barrett 23rd
Next Year
RB Sanders 3rd
RB A. Jones 5th
WR Bateman (R) 6th
RB Dillon 7th
WR Peoples-Jones 7th
RB J. White 8th
WR D. Samuel 10th
WR Collins (R) 10th
WR Sutton 11th
TE Knox 15th
WR D. Mims 17th
QB J. Herbert 21st

He Hate Steve
WR Johnson 2nd
RB Hunt 3rd
WR Lockett 9th
WR Kupp 10th
RB Conner 11th
RB Kamara 12th
QB Watson 16th
RB Akers 18th
DE C. Jordan 20th
LB/DE Burns 21st
CB K. Moore 22nd
TE Freiermuth (R) 22nd

Orient Express
WR Chase (R)1st
WR Waddle (R) 2nd
WR M. Thomas 3rd
RB Fournette 4th
TE Andrews 6th
WR Brown 9th
LB Leonard 9th
DE Garrett 11th
TE Engram 15th
QB L. Jackson 16th
RB Stevenson (R) 22nd

Nobody’s Burfict
TE Pitts (R) 2nd
RB Pollard 6th
WR Pittman 7th
RB Edmonds 8th
WR M. Williams 9th
DT Donald 10th
RB Henderson 11th
RB Mitchell (R) 12th
WR Claypool 14th
WR Chark 14th
LB/DE Oweh (R) 19th

Tompa Bay
WR Cooks 5th
WR Shepard 8th
TE Kittle 9th
RB C. Evans (R) 11th
WR Watkins 12th
S J. Adams 12th
WR Gage 12th
DE C. Young 15th
QB J. Allen 17th
TE Gronkowski 17th
WR Agholor 21st
RB J. Taylor 1st
RB N. Harris (R) 1st
RB Montgomery 3rd
TE Okwuegbunam (R) 5th
LB D. White 9th
WR D. Parker 14th
WR R. Woods 16th
S Poyer 18th
QB Stafford 19th
DT Ch. Jones 19th
DT Buckner 21st

Show me the Mooney
WR Lamb 1st
RB Carter 3rd
WR D. Adams 4th
WR Mooney 5th
RB Chubb 7th
QB Fields (R) 9th
TE Hockenson 10th
WR McClaurin 11th
RB Rountree 15th
RB Penny 20th
RB Cohen 23rd

RB Dobbins 1st
WR E. Moore (R) 2nd
WR Jeudy 2nd
WR S. Diggs 3rd
RB J. Robinson 5th
RB Da. Harris 7th
WR Theilen 7th
QB R. Wilson 8th
WR V. Jefferson 15th
TE Gesicki 17th
LB Wagner 18th
WR Rodgers 20th
RB G. Edwards 23rd


JAN 4, 8:43 AM
Matt Receives: Brandin Cooks, 13th
Trey Receives: DJ Chark, 14th

JAN 4, 11:23 AM
Bobby Receives: Joe Burrow, 15th,16th
Trey Receives: 10th, 12th

JAN 4, 9:28 PM
Craig Receives: David Montgomery, 25th
Trey Receives: 4th

JAN 10, 11:16 AM
Ricky Receives: Mark Andrews, 12th
Trey Receives: Tony Pollard, 8th

JAN 12, 9:06 AM
Bobby Receives: 4th, 4th, 4th
Trey Receives: Chase Edmonds, 13th, 15th, 16th

JAN 12, 10:26 AM
Feezy Receives: 6th
JO Receives: Trevor Lawrence, 21st

JAN 13, 8:46 PM
Feezy Receives: 12th round pick
JO Receives: His 6th pick back

JAN 15, 3:42 PM
Bobby Receives: 2.2 & 3.13
Adrian Receives: 2.12 & 3.1

MAR 6, 10:01 PM
Feezy Recieves: Gabriel Davis, 4th round pick
Bobby Receives: DeAndre Hopkins, 14th round pick

MAR 16, 10:05 PM
Bobby Receives: 5,14,15
Trey Receives: 8,11,12

MAR 18, 12:45 PM
Feezy Recieves: Travis Entienne, Pat Freiermuth, 5th round pick
Bobby Receives: Rondelle Moore, Josh Palmer, David Njoku , 7th round pick

MAR 20, 12:06 PM
JO Receives: Allen Robinson II
Bobby Receives: Jakobi Meyers
(Trade previously agreed on as part of another deal done during the season)

MAR 23, 7:06 PM
Steve R receives: Cooper Kupp, Pat Freiermuth
Feezy Receives: AJ Brown , Tua Tagovailoa, Dyami Brown, Marquez Callaway

MAR 24, 9:18 AM
Sam receives: 7th and T. Cohan
Eric receives: 19th and Josh Jacobs

MAR 24, 1:52 PM
Angel Receives: 14th
Adrian Receives: Amari Rodgers, 20th

MAR 26, 4:09 PM
Sam Receives: Larry Rountree III & 16th
Adrian Receives: Van Jefferson & 18th.

MAR 26, 5:24 PM
Erik Receives: 20th & 24th
Adrian Receives: 19th and 25th

Steve Receives: 8.3, 13, 24
Tom Receives: 11.1, 17, 19, Corey Davis

Angel Receives: 8.2
Tom Receives: 9, James White

Kaleb Receives: 4.2, 6, Chase Young
Tom Receives: 15, 15, Dalvin Cook, Mike Evans

Sam Receives: Later 8th, Eskridge
Angel Receives: 7.9

Kaleb Receives: 2, 3, 6
Craig Receives: 23, 24, 25, CMAC


PLEASE NOTE:  I do my best to maintain this site and the content.  If you see any mistakes or if any information that seems off, please let me (Steve Kim) know!

BSGD Records

Steve R 64-33 .660 🥉🏆🏆
Trey 104-67 .608 🥇🥇🥈🥈🥈🥉🥉🏆🏆
Kaleb 57-37 .606 🥇🥈🏆
Adrian 10-7 .588 🥈
Sam 25-19 .568
Feezy 76-68 .528 🥇🥇 🥈 🥉🏆🏆
Angel 59-55 .512 🥇🥇🏆
Ricky 29-29 .500 🥉🥉
JO 29-29 .500 🥈🥉
Steve K 53-54 .495 🥇
Craig 18-25 .419
Bobby 11-16 .407
Erik 5-8-1 .393 .393