Dear Reader,

There is a problem many men face in the world today. While we still strive for that Adonis body type (Helpful tips to come!), our problem is not related to how we look. 

We take health and fitness seriously, so it’s not the few bone-headed gym supremacists out there either. For many reasons, and honestly, I can’t argue with most of these reasons (big example, the #MeToo movement. It’s important and still relevant); even as these disclaimers stall my speech – – – men have been silenced or required to stop talking about how they feel, in many ways, sexual included. This helps women (and gay men) because it silences the sleaze bags. But I don’t succumb to silence or sleaze, and I’m here to make a difference for everyone!

So, one more preachy note, before I give you a little more background. In not being silent, in trading in adult entertainment, specifically erotic experiential entertainment; I am the poster boy for the guy you talk trash about! I believe very much in a person’s right to experience live, legal and safe erotic services across the country. At the same time, I’m a realist who understands and has observed firsthand the problems in the sex industry. I’m dedicated to making improvements in the working conditions and safety by being the standard. 

As a former Chippendales, and now owning an agency with male and female talent (*I hope to add transgender talent in the future) for straight and LGBTQ+ individuals, couples and parties, inclusion is the first step to legitimacy. When you represent all people, it’s easier to defend all people. I’m not a pimp or a bully. I fight pimps and bullies. My agency and subsidiaries are on the front lines of anti-Human Trafficking best practices, mental health support and basic human dignity.

“Your Asian Persuasion” is a place where I will explore what I like, and frankly dislike, about Las Vegas and the business.  I’ll answer questions and I’ll always speak the truth, from my heart. It is a place where I don’t have to be silent regarding righteous criticism from Feminists or Male Chauvinists, who in the end, can have a point. So again, I decided I would be the example. I would lead the charge by being a dutiful and honest broker in a field not known for those traits or types. 

The title of my column also relates to how I view the world from growing up. At once, so completely American; at once, so completely Asian. It was difficult, the biracial son of a Korean Mom, growing up in an America engaged in the last Yellow Scare of the 1980s. If you looked Asian, it meant you were smart, and clean and ate rice. I did all these things, but my attention span was not the greatest. So maybe I missed the worst of the expectations, but because I looked Asian; it didn’t matter at all how completely American I was.

I’m also a big believer in the 5 S’s. “Sort”, “Set In order”, “Shine”, “Standardize” and “Sustain”. These come from the system of Japanese thought that led to their manufacturing boom & supremacy and started the last vicious cycle of antagonism between the cultures within my soul. I use these principles to continue the growth of my business and build an honorable legacy. I love being respected for making a positive difference in the community. 

Wild Entertainment is on the upswing and bringing quality, professional and legal erotic experiential entertainment to Las Vegas and the 50 states. We’re rapidly growing our female service for bachelor parties and lesbian bachelorette parties. While doing so, everyone at Wild has gone out of their way to promote the best practices regarding anti-Human Trafficking, including cooperation with community organizations, mental & physical health in the sex industry, and all related best work practices. I go out of my way to make sure everything is running smoothly on all cylinders. We’re affiliated with the Sin City Chamber of Commerce. Las Vegas offers a lot as the home base of our business. Including great security from Exemplar and Skyfire Solutions. I feel confident in what we’re doing as an organization.

It’s hard to believe Wild Entertainment has been around for 15 years. While our products and services always change to meet the pace of the market and the growth of the internet, the fundamental thing that has kept us together is by working with a good heart and having a staff that lead with a good heart. Again, it would be easier to be silent, and certainly more politically correct. Especially when our truth, as a company, disrupts business in an industry that is prone to getting lazy. We’ve never been a one trick pony. To be that in this industry is the same as giving up.

I look forward to using this bully-pulpit; never to bully anyone but the bullies themselves. To use this forum to share the very best of my life’s lessons, Las Vegas entertainment and experiential entertainment. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. We’re disrupting the industry and I love it!

Steve Kim

Wild Entertainment