Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club doing what it can to help the citizens of Las Vegas

The club is offering a special promotion for anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is the latest company to offer perks just for getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you show proof of being vaccinated you’ll get a platinum membership card, a free bottle, free dances, and limo transportation.

The club says all of that is worth $5,000.

The Las Vegas location says it is even working on getting a mobile vaccination site for employees and club-goers.


April 17, 2021

A note from Steve Kim:

The Hustler promotion kicks the shit out of the Krispy Kreme one.

You can keep your donut. I prefer a free drink in my hand and a lap dance thank you very much.

But those donuts are like crack. But then again, a stripper has a crack. Or she may even have crack with her. That’s called a two-for-one. But I digress.

While I think it’s nice that a business offers an incentive to promote a worthwhile cause, which is hopefully getting people that need the vaccine to take the vaccine. I just don’t think this applies to anyone under 60 years old and with a healthy immune system.

If the CDC were to say that this virus was so deadly that we have absolutely had to have a vaccine, then people wouldn’t need a free doughnut or lap dance to become incentivized to go get the shot. They’d be running to the pharmacy in waves, stampeding through the store like wild bulls shopping on a Black Friday.  

But now, times are very confusing.  Do I need the vaccine?  Should I take it?  Is it safe enough?  Is it worth the possible risks, side effects, and perhaps death?  These are all honest questions that we’re dying to know the answers to.  And we are literally dying because people are suffering while two sides argue and point the finger but neither takes action to fix the problem.  It’s not our fault if we get conflicting information on a daily basis.  It’s our job to dissect, analyze and filter out the information until we discover the truth.  And these tasks are hard and time consuming and most people are just too lazy to do it.  That’s why the media is able to manipulate so many Americans.  Most citizens just skim the surface of the news and absorb headlines from their favorite news source like osmosis.  They regurgitate statements made by their favorite celebs or sports athletes.  But they won’t do their own research to test and see if their icon is being truthful or deceitful.    

Sorry for going so political.  I just wish more people would spend time looking at both sides of any story and making their own decisions, and not just going by narrative that the news tells you.  We all know now that the news can’t be trusted.  Doesn’t matter if you’re on the left or the right side.  There shouldn’t even be any sides.  We should all be on the same side.  But instead we’re on opposite sides. And I call that suicide.

Ooh that rhymed.  I’m a poet and didn’t even know it.

Bottom line is if you think you need the shot, go get it.  Otherwise, it’s your life, do as you wish.  Just make sure you eat healthy food, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and some fucking sleep while you’re at it.