ANNOUNCEMENT:  what up world! I’m Steve and I have an entertainment agency and I’m interested in connecting with a developer who is efficient at deepfakes. This is exciting new technology and while I’m an ex-programmer, I don’t have time to learn this. I’d like to pay for development for a few side projects. All fun, safe, legit, good projects, nothing dirty or shady. Could be start of good biz relationship. Feel free to hit me up to discuss! 🙂

PROJECT:  To offer a video customization service that allows customers to have their face on the body of one of our dancers.  This would be a premiere service and we would be able to offer it to customers that either A) were in Vegas and able to come to our studio for the necessary pictures or B) could send in pictures to us after we demonstrated the types and quantity that we needed.

ADVANTAGE: Our agency, Wild Entertainment, has access to 100’s of models and entertainers.  There would be no shortage in terms of content.