At Wild, we believe in the following:

  1. Be honest to your customer
  2. Take the best care of your talent
  3. Provide a safe and friendly work environment
  4. Never discriminate based on sex or race

In regards to providing a safe and friendly work environment, we believe in screening all of our talent.  It is important that we provide you with talent that is safe and professional. We do not want anything bad to ever happen to our customers or anyone who works with us.

Our Values

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom to Protect your Family
  • Equality among all Races and Sexes
  • Less Government
  • Better Education
  • Protect our Children
  • Protect the Animals
  • Protect our Environment
  • Protect Small Businesses
  • More Regulations on Monopolies like Big Tech and the Media
  • Stop Sex Trafficking
  • More rights for Sex Workers
What we wish for:
  1. It should be MANDATORY for all outcall workers to have a sheriffs card.
    1. Why?
      1. It doesn’t make sense to let workers with dangerous criminal backgrounds to go to hotel rooms for any kind of exotic entertainment.  
    2. Who?
      1. There are many exotic entertainers who unfortunately are in the business of scamming, stealing, threatening, slandering, or coercing customers to giving them more money.  There is also the threat of physical violence from the entertainer or their “security / pimp”.
    3. Risks?
      1. Customers in hotels are tourists and are the driving force behind the economy of Las Vegas.  By allowing bad workers to continue to scam customers, we are driving away repeat visits to our wonderful city.
      2. Dancers who work for agencies that do not verify their customers or who work on “cash only” basis put the dancers at risk of being drugged, sexually assaulted, kidnapped, or worse.  
    4. How?
      1. Create a state-wide mandate that requires outcall workers to have a sheriffs card.  If they are not qualified to get a sheriffs card then they are not fit to work in this industry.
    5. Results?
      1. Crime on the strip will be reduced and tourism satisfaction and repeat visits will increase.  Overall impression of Las Vegas will go up.  The economy will get a boost as happy satisfied tourists mean more business for everyone.  By taking better care of our tourists, we will all make more money and be happier.
  2. It should be required to have a physical office that passes inspection.
    1. There are “offices” that are merely addresses that shady businesses will simply use to hang their license on.  There is not a true place of business for meeting workers, vendors or customers.  A real office should be a requirement.
  3. Websites must disclose their Las Vegas phone number, address (not a mail box or borrowing another business’ office), and business license number.  If not, they must be requested to be taken down formally.  This can be done by the city or state and is simple as reaching out to the website hosting provider.
  4. Websites must adhere to certain standards.  Lying or deceiving customers in order to bait them into calling them should be illegal. False advertising (promoting a product or service that you do not actually have) should be penalized as well.