Why Choose Us

At Wild, we take great pride in offering excellent service while maintaining high standards of integrity, honesty, and value.  In an industry that is troubled by shady scammers, Wild wants to be the shining light and provide excellent service for its premium clientele.

  • Wild has been business since 2010
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Average 4.8 stars on our Google Business Page
  • Proud member of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce
  • Former member of the President’s Club at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Wild is owned and operated by Steve Kim who was 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Excellence Forums via ActionCOACH)
  • Skyfire was also a finalist in the 2012 Small Business Excellence Awards by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
  • Skyfire also earned “Green Employer of the Year” by the Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Wild takes great care in hiring only the best entertainers in the U.S.  We hand select our talent from thousands of applicants and we perform background checks and provide extensive training.  Our goal is to deliver the best service possible and to give our customers complete satisfaction.  We want repeat clients for life and will do our best to make this happen 🙂


Requirements to be our Client

  • Class & Respect
    • We do not want customers who are rude (verbally abusive), physically aggressive or simply disrespectful. We work hard to find amazing entertainers who are beautiful inside and out, and they in turn deserve the same type of clientele.  If you have class and show our talent respect, you will get the fantasy experience you want and deserve.
  • No criminals, gangs, or pimps
    • If you intend on trying to recruit our talent of any nefarious criminal means, you can stop right now. We take great care in training our talent to avoid criminals who intend to use and abuse them.  At Wild Entertainment, we are committed to stopping sex trafficking and child pedophilia.  We work with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of our entertainers.
  • Safety
    • We do background checks and training to provide excellent entertainers for our customers. Your safety and privacy is our number one priority. We work extremely hard to find the best quality entertainers for you.  Our talent’s safety is equally important as well. We will prosecute to the full extent of the law anything that has to do with theft, rape or aggravated assault of our entertainers.  


Regarding Etiquette

    1. You can party hard and do what you like but please do not get out of control or to the point where you are threatening the safety of our entertainers.  They have the option and right to leave if they feel unsafe at any time. There is no refund if this happens.
    1. Touching is allowed as long as it’s within the comfort level of the entertainer.  
    2. Please do not call and ask if you can pay to have sex with our entertainers.  That is illegal in the city of Las Vegas and we follow the law.  
    3. As adults, you can have sex with anyone you want as long as it’s consensual.
    1. We will NOT allow our entertainers to work with entertainers from another agency.  We have had problems with entertainers from other agencies causing problems at our parties.  We screen our talent and make sure they do NOT have criminal records but we can not say the same for other agencies. 
    2. If you wish to have our entertainers work with outside entertainers, you must first let us know ahead of time. Sometimes we can make exceptions but we must be notified first.
    3. If our entertainers arrive to your party and see entertainers from an other agency and this was NOT approved ahead of time, the entertainers have the right to cancel the reservation and the booking fee will not be refundable.
    1. For larger group parties, we sometimes offer a complimentary party host to help setup the party and assist the dancers.  They come prepared with change for tipping, music, speakers, disco lights, games, props, etc.  Please be courteous to your host as they are there to help you with your party needs.  A complimentary party host is optional and up to our discretion.  Contact our office if any questions regarding our hosts and their duties.


Regarding Tipping

Tipping not only shows appreciation but allows you to do so much more.  You can upgrade your party and play adult games, watch a private fantasy show (girl on girl, strap on, fire and ice, bath and shower shows), get the entertainers fully nude, buy lap dances, couch dances, bedroom dances, and more!

  • For a male entertainer at a group party for ten people, the average tip is anywhere from $200 to $500 ($20 to $50 per guest).  
  • For a female entertainer at a group party for ten people, the average tip is anywhere from $400 to $1000 ($40 to $100 per guest). 
  • For solo’s and couples, the average tip is $200 to $400 for a male entertainer and $400 to $800 for a female entertainer.

Can you tip more or less than average?  Of course! It’s completely up to you. What’s the rule of thumb?  “The bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill”.  Our entertainers work hard to give you the best exotic experience.  Show them some love through your tips.

We advise you to have as much loose change on you as possible. That way you won’t have to stop in the middle of the fun and go to the ATM.  Our entertainers sometimes take Venmo or Cash App, but cash is always preferred 😉


When to contact your Entertainer(s)

  • You will be given the contact number for your entertainer(s).  Please contact the entertainer ONLY to discuss meeting arrangements and any notes for preparation. 
  • If you have any special private or intimate requests, please save this for when you meet your entertainer in person.  They prefer to have these discussions face to face and not over text.  This is for both the client and entertainer(s) privacy and confidentiality.
  • The best time to reach out to them is the day before your reservation (for same day reservations, reach out soon as you can).
  • Please text them as they prefer texting over a phone call.  
  • If you have any trouble reaching your entertainer, please contact our office.


How we find talent options for you

There are a few details we need in order to find the best options for you.

  • Date of Reservation
  • Start Time
    • We need an approximate start time to check options.  You can change this time later but be aware that it could affect who is available.
    • If you give us multiple start times (for example: it can start anywhere from 8pm to 11pm), then we can find you more options because sometimes an entertainer can come but at an earlier or later time.
  • Location
    • We need to know the hotel name or exact address of the Airbnb because some of our entertainers will only go if the location meets their criteria.  Some prefer to work only in hotels.  Some will do Airbnb’s.  Also if your location is far from the entertainer, we might have to add travel expense. 
  • How many male and female guests will be attending
    • Our entertainers need to prepare ahead of time and the number of guests will determine how they do so.  A solo customer is different than a group party.  Also a couple (M/M, M/F, F/F) is different than a solo customer. So please let us know approximately how many men and women your entertainer will be servicing.
  • Special Requests
    • This can be anything.  Maybe you are particular about their ethnicity or sexuality (straight, gay or gay friendly, trans, etc).  Or perhaps you want them to wear certain clothing or costumes. Or maybe it’s a certain skill they must have (dancing, juggling, contortion, fetish, etc).  Please don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you’re looking for. 
    • We will never share your personal requests with any third party. At Wild Entertainment, we cherish your privacy and ultimately respect it.


Tipping Female Entertainers

Tipping your entertainers is half the fun and how you show them some love! 

  • Seek and Destroy / Titty Car Wash: $1’s (make it rain!)
  • Putting for Pussy / Anal Ring Toss / Big Dick Shooter: $20 per player
  • Pussy Magic: $100 per girl (fully nude parties only)
  • How much you tip will determine how long they will dance for you!
  • Lap dance (quick): $1’s
  • Lingerie Lap dance for one song: $20
  • Topless dance for one song: $30
  • Fully Nude Lap dance for one song: $50
  • Private Bedroom fully nude lap dance for three songs $200
  • Other options: Ask Entertainer
  • Fire and Ice Show: $150
  • Bubble Bunnies: $200 per girl
  • Twerk Tsunami: $300 per girl
  • Private Shower Show: $400 
  • Fantasy Girl on Girl Show (with dildos or strap-ons): $400 per girl


Tipping Male Entertainers

Tipping your entertainers is half the fun and how you show them some love! 

  • Crowd Dancing: $1’s (make it rain!)
  • Body Shots: $5 or $10
  • Hide and Go Seek: Whatever you want to tip
  • Whipped Cream Boat Race: $20 per player
  • Dick Magic: $100 (fully nude parties only)
  • How much you tip will determine how naked they get and how long they will dance for you!
  • Lap dance (quick): $1’s
  • Lap dance in briefs or g-string for one song: $20
  • Lap dance in briefs or g-string for three songs: $50
  • Fully Nude Lap dance for one song: $50
  • Private Bedroom fully nude lap dance for three songs $200
  • Other options: Ask Entertainer
  • Full Monty Flash: $50
  • Full Monty Dance: $100
  • Full Monty Shower Show: $200
  • Fire and Ice Show: $150


If you have any issues with us

  • If you have any problems with our talent, staff, buses, mansions, or anything that has to do with our service, please contact our office as soon as you can.
  • We can work to resolve any problems but you must address them with us no less than 24 hours after the end time of your reservation.
  • Please contact us via text (preferred) or email.  
  • Let us know what happened and give us as much detail as possible.
  • If you are not satisfied with the talent when they arrive then you can turn them away and cancel the reservation for a refund of your booking fee (minus administration fee). If you wish to cancel the reservation then you must contact us immediately.  
  • Once you allow the talent to begin the service then there is no refund of the booking fee later.
  • Reasons to refuse talent can include being late, wearing the wrong costume, being sick, etc.
  • You cannot get a refund of the booking fee if you simply change your mind at the very last minute.  That isn’t fair to the talent or office staff who worked hard on your reservation.  
  • For party buses, we will refund a portion of the entire amount depending on these factors:
    • Lateness: If a party bus is late, we will try to extend the time to make up for any lost time. But if we cannot extend your time and your ride is cut short by more than 20 minutes then we will offer a 20% refund. 
    • Party Bus No Show: If the party bus doesn’t show up then we will give you a refund or we can give you credit and send the entertainers to your hotel or Airbnb as a backup party option. 
    • Entertainer No Show: In the extremely rare case that the entertainer(s) doesn’t show up and we can’t find a suitable replacement in time, then we offer the following refunds:
      • One (1) talent is a no-show for a one hour ride: 20-40% refund (depending on vehicle choice)
      • One (1) talent is a no-show for a two hour ride: 10-30% refund (depending on vehicle choice)
      • If more than one talent is missing then the refund is multiplied by number of missing talent.
    • Wet Bar: If any drinks are missing from the wet bar, we will refund you the market value amount for those missing drinks (if we cannot replace them during the ride)
  • For mansions: Please contact our office to discuss options.
  • For nightclubs, strip clubs and pool parties: Please contact our office to discuss options.


Mission Statement

At Wild, we believe in the following:

  1. Be honest to your customer
  2. Take the best care of your talent
  3. Provide a safe and friendly work environment
  4. Never discriminate based on sex or race

In regards to providing a safe and friendly work environment, we believe in screening all of our talent.  It is important that we provide you with talent that is safe and professional. We do not want anything bad to ever happen to our customers or anyone who works with us.

Our Values

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom to participate in Exotic Entertainment
  • Freedom to Protect your Family
  • Equality among all Races and Sexes
  • Less Government
  • Better Education
  • Protect our Children
  • Protect the Animals
  • Protect our Environment
  • Protect Small Businesses
  • More Regulations on Monopolies like Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Media
  • Stop Sex Trafficking
  • More rights for Sex Workers


Celebrity Endorsements

At Wild, we have worked with many national television and film networks, including:

  • MTV’s “Jersey Shore”
  • Paris in Love
  • Steve Harvey Show
  • Project Runway
  • The Bachelorette
  • Vivica Fox’s Black Magic
  • Jamie Foxx “Beat Shazam”
  • America’s Got Talent
  • Men of the Strip
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Yotta Life
  • Get Woo’d
  • Love & Hip Hop
  • and many more!