FOR FEMALE STRIPTAINERS ONLY - You must be able to do the following:
  1. Be Aware:  When dancing at a party, do NOT be overly sexual.  Make sure you play to the guest’s comfort level.  If the guests get wild, then you can follow suit.  But remember, you are representing our brand so if you do ANYTHING to cause problems, you will be removed from our roster.
  2. Be Conservative: Always take the classy route at any party.  It’s okay to build up excitement and that’s what you’re supposed to do by doing a striptease.  You don’t want to walk in and strip down to a bikini and just start giving lap dances.  At Wild Entertainment, we created the term “Striptainer” which by definition means “A professional entertain who can strip”.  We are a giant upgrade from your typical stripper and therefore are in a class of our own.  
  3. Be Safe: Don’t take big risks. Don’t do crazy moves like you would on stage or at the club.  Most rooms are small areas with furniture that you could hit or the customer could get hurt on.  So don’t do it.  Win them over with your smile and personality and affection.  If you perform trick, just remember that you do at it your own risk.  Parties should be about laughing and performing and just having a good time.
  4. Have a Partner: At Wild, we don’t let girls do parties unless it’s at least two of them.  Our NUMBER ONE GOAL is your safety.  This is why we spend time screening our clients to make sure they are the type of clients that we want to entertain.  Our goal is not maximum money.  It’s maximum fun with maximum safety.  The money is not an issue as we pay the highest base pay in the industry.