FOR MALE STRIPTAINERS ONLY - You must be able to do the following:
  1. Be Aware:  When dancing at a party, do NOT be overly sexual.  Make sure you play to the guest’s comfort level.  If the guests get wild, then you can follow suit.  But remember, you are representing our brand so if you do ANYTHING to cause problems, you will be removed from our roster.
  2. Be Conservative: Don’t offer to get naked for free.  We’re classy unless the customer requests and pays ahead of time for the Full Monty Ending.  When performing the Full Monty option, be sure to do it at THE END of the party and make sure the guests are ready for it.  Best thing is to let your contact at the party know that you’re ready to do it, and then with permission, proceed.
  3. Be Safe: Don’t take big risks.  it’s fun to pick a girl up but don’t take a chance where you could drop and hurt her.  Don’t do crazy moves like you would on stage or at the club.  Most rooms are small areas with furniture that you could hit or the customer could get hurt on.  So don’t do it.  Win them over with your smile and personality and affection. Be a sexy clown 😉 .  It’s all about laughing and having a good time.