To work for Wild Entertainment, you must be able to do the following: (CLICK TO READ)
  1. Be Punctual:  When going to a job, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early. Why? Because of many various factors that can delay you.  Traffic.  Construction.  Busy Weekend.  Difficulty finding parking. (full parking garages due to concerts, holidays, etc).  If your party is in a hotel room, just walking from the car to the room can take 15-20 minutes.  So if you’re not good at planning ahead and leaving early, then this job isn’t for you.  Our pay is the best in the industry, so being late or missing your party is unacceptable (unless you can prove it was due to a family or medical emergency).
  2. Be Aware:  When entertaining at a party, be sure to entertain at the guest’s comfort level.  This goes especially for Striptainers, Burlesque Performers and Go-go Dancers. Do NOT be overly sexual.  Don’t use vulgar language.  We are a classy company.  If the guests get wild, then you can follow suit if appropriate.  But remember, you are representing our brand so use your BEST judgement.
  3. Be Sober: Do NOT come to a party drunk or high on drugs.  Period.
  4. Be Smart: If a situation occurs that you’re not sure how to handle, step away from the situation and call our office line at 702-907-5019.  You can also text us.  If we don’t answer, just be patient and try to handle the situation in the most professional and appropriate manner.  We want to avoid any kind of escalation or physical confrontation.  On a rare occasion, a guest may get drunk and act inappropriately.  Do not argue or get physical with the customer.  Get away from the customer.  If that means leaving the party without notice, then fine.  Just let us know immediately so we can take action to resolve the situation.
  5. Be Responsive: Be sure your phone can receive notifications from us.  Add our email addresses to your email “safe list” so it doesn’t get lost in your junk/spam folder.  Reply promptly to our messages.  Make sure the client can reach you easily as well.
  6. Be Honest: Don’t steal (duh!) from anyone and don’t lie.  If you run into a problem and can’t make a party, don’t pretend to be sick and tell us last minute.  We heard it all before.  Better to tell us the truth now otherwise we will find out later.
  7. Be Clean: Show up showered and fresh.  Groomed.  Spend the proper time getting ready and, don’t ever show up stinky or greasy or with bad breath.
  8. Be a Team Player: When working with other talent, be polite, respectful, talk about tip splitting before the event (never discuss compensation at the event), and be sure to be on the same page before starting the job.  Everyone’s a big different in how they entertain so make sure to talk it out beforehand so the event goes smooth.
The minimal items you need to work for us are: (CLICK TO READ)
  1. Driver License or Identification Card (we will need you to send us a picture or scan)
  2. Background Check
    1. In Nevada, you will need to obtain a Sheriffs card.  We can provide you with a form for this.
    2. Outside of Nevada, you will need to pay for a background check. We recommend a compliant background check service such as
    3. We will check to see if you have a felony on your record (violence, sexual assault, etc).  Do not apply with us if you have a criminal background (although most misdemeanors and traffic violations are fine).  We have to comply with our business license and insurance policies.
    4. Be aware that we check the following websites to make sure you are not a registered sex offender.
      1. In Nevada:
      2. Outside of Nevada:
  3. Equipment (applies to Striptainers, Buff Butlers, Sexy Servers & Party Starters)
    1. Music Speaker
    2. Party Lights
    3. FOR STRIPTAINERS: Authentic looking costume or nice outfit.
    4. FOR BUFF BUTLERS: A set of Lorem Servo cuffs and collars.
    5. FOR SEXY SERVERS: A set of Lorem Servo cuffs, collars and optional bunny ears.
    6. Cell Phone that receives emails and can use Whatsapp and Telegram.
  4. Reliable Transportation

If you have any problems or questions regarding our onboarding process, feel free to email us or text us at 702-907-5019.