October 16, 2021

I had to write this article to get some things off my chest. 

I recently fired three men and one woman.

I won’t mention names for privacy reasons but I will go in depth as to what happened.

Male Stripper #1 – This dude is brand new and joined the agency with the sole intent of stealing our customers. He told one of our male dancers on Fremont Street that his intention was to work for the company and promote his own agency to our customers, party bus drivers, vendors, etc.

We found out about this one week after he signed up and terminated him on the spot.

Male Stripper #2 – This guy has worked for us for over a year and a half. During that time, we booked him over 33 jobs. We were prepared to book him for a 24 hour fantasy date, which would pay him $6,000 net (before tips). Instead of just accepting the job offer, he tried to bribe one of our booking agents and asked her to book the job with the agency for only two hours, while booking the other twenty-two hours on the side.

Our agents are loyal to the company and I was alerted right away.  I gave this man a chance to explain himself.  Instead of telling the truth, he denied trying to steal from the company.  He then turned the blame on the booking agent and tried to convince me that it was her idea all along.

When I showed him the screenshot of the text message showing the evidence of his lies and corruption, he simply said “forget about it, just take me off the site”.  No problem.  Done and done.

Male Stripper #3 – This guy was the worst.  He was someone I hired a long time ago.  I gave him many great jobs and always took care of him.  Got him booked on TV jobs, great fantasy date jobs, he made so much money with my clients.  

This guy has flaked on jobs last minute and he acts like a huge diva.  Always talking about how much money he makes off rich ladies and hustling on the street.  After he steals one of our clients, he claims that this person is his investor/partner and they are going to create an agency just to compete with me. What a jerk!

Later he comes back to me, telling me about how bad his life was and how health issues caused him to act the way he did.  He asked to work for us again.  He apologizes for the past and says he wants to do better.  Stupid me gives him another chance.

I book him for a big job recently.  He messes that one up and instead of apologizing, he goes into aggression mode and goes off on me. Telling me that the job wasn’t worth it, that he makes way more hustling on the streets, and that the customers lied and wasted his time. 

This guy also has falsely accused me of owing him substantial amounts of money.  Complete lies as we have paid him every dime ever owed.

I do know strippers who OWE ME money.  In fact, two ex-male strippers owe me over $500 each.  But instead of paying, these guys decided to act like divas too, claiming they’re better than the company and that the money is theirs and to kiss their ass. No lie. These guys were super nice at first, acting all cool and trustworthy.. only to reveal that they’re really just corrupt douchebags.

Female Stripper #1 – This girl has worked for us for maybe a year.  She doesn’t get booked much and we haven’t had any issues with her until recently.  She was booked for a job and when she drove to the hotel, she couldn’t get past security. Instead of calling the customer or the agency and asking what to do (the solution would’ve taken five minutes), she cancels and texts us complaining that we didn’t give her good enough instructions and that she was treated rude over text messaging.  There were no rude comments made to her whatsoever.  She not only bails on the job last minute but then she stopped responding to our texts and calls and basically left us and the customer hanging.  Anyways, she’s out.


Yes I am a nice guy. Most of the time lol. I care about deeply about my people and have a lot of love to give. And I work my ass off to find the best customers and jobs out there. 

To hire people who would do a horrible job, take no responsibility, and blame others for their mistakes, is the worst.  It’s hard to find good people which is why we are constantly recruiting and training new talent.

If you work for us, you better have a good heart and I fucking mean it! If you’re a fake piece of shit who’s pretending to be nice to us just so you can hustle customers or the agency out of money, then you can permanently fuck off. Seriously.  We don’t hire thieves or jerks.  I’m sick and tired of giving time, effort and love to people who don’t deserve it.

If someone wants to slander us online, then go ahead.  Only a lazy dumb troll with no life would go online and do something as pathetic and useless like that.  And you know what’s funny?  None of our customers, dancers or management give a shit.  All anyone cares about is how they are treated in real life by the people that matter.  And most people will agree that someone who slanders another person online are not to be trusted.

I hope this article brings to light a little of what goes on behind the scenes.  Not many people realize how stressful and difficult this business is to manage.  We are constantly dealing with people being disorganized, sloppy or irresponsible.  Every major problem is thrown on our desk every day.  It’s got to the point where my patience is wearing extremely thin.  All I want is for people to DO WHAT THEY SAY.  Is that so difficult?

Want to increase your rate? JUST ASK.  You don’t like the job we’re offering?  DON’T TAKE IT.  Have a problem with anything we say or do?  BRING IT UP LIKE AN ADULT SO WE CAN DISCUSS IT.

I hope you understand my sincerity as I write all of this.  I never wanted to share any of this but after enough bullshit and slandering and gossiping, I had to write this article to set the record straight.

In conclusion, we are not just a team.  We are a FAMILY.  And I will continue to work my ass off for you. Just please be a good person with a good heart.  That’s all we ask.

I truly want you all to be proud to be part of the “Wild Family”. I hope you understand better what we have to deal with as we strive to build the best exotic entertainment agency in Las Vegas, the west coast, and the rest of the United States.


SIDE NOTE:  Unlike the jerks above who happily slander me to anyone who asks, I have kept their identities private as I don’t share other people’s information.  I have always been about respecting others privacy.  It’s too bad some people don’t know how to do the same.  

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE:  If someone makes an accusation about someone else behind their back, you should really take it with a grain of salt.  In other words, don’t be gullible and just believe whatever they say.  Ask for facts. Evidence.  Proof.  The problem with society is people are too easily persuaded, manipulated, and led to believe whatever they hear from someone without ever challenging if it’s true or not.  Don’t be a lazy lemming and spread misinformation!  Learning to question everything is what makes you grow as a person and make smarter decisions.