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What’s up everyone, It’s Steve. This is about tomorrow Tuesday’s training session, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have at least 4 to 6 guys  and 4 to 6 girls so far we should have enough and we’re going to take everyone together and train y’all on how to do our parties. We are now following a new program that has to be followed to the letter.

We are looking right now for our Core Team and that is the people who are most serious, professional and ready to work because we’re gonna show you how to make money and how to have a great time but you gotta pay by our rules so we don’t screw up and everyone’s happy.

So tomorrow we’re gonna train you on how to do these parties, we’ll go over the program and how to play the games for both bachelor and bachelorette parties, and how to do certain games and tricks, and dances.. we’re gonna teach you how to do this stuff. It’s gonna be fun and easy and we are not gonna do it all night long so we will learn some stuff tomorrow and then you guys will be come back the following saturday, and we will keep training tuesdays and saturdays, until everyone has been trained enough on how to do our jobs.

So if you’re serious about making money, then you can come along with us because we’re about to start growing fast because we’re about to turn the marketing on.  We have been busy fixing our reservation system.. with a lot of new software being developed and new people hired to answer the phones.. we had a new phone system built twice.. and we finally have the infrastructure in place so we can handle a large volume of sales calls.  So now is the time to turn up the marketing and get busy this summer!

If you’re serious about doing a great job then you got to come in and do the training and we’re also gonna take some photos and videos of you because everyone needs more great shots, We need to show the world that we’re real, that we’re together, and that we’re a team.  It’s exciting to show the family off a lil bit, so we’re getting some group shots, get some solo’s if you want, we’re gonna get some action shots, maybe have the guys serving the girls a drink, or a girl dancing for a guy, or the guy playing a game with the girl etc.

We will get great footage to promote you with so please arrive dressed nice.., like you’re going to a party, but not too sexy .. we want something more conservative and not too flashy.. and also bring some stripper gear (lingerie/bikini/socks/jewelry/swag/briefs/bootie shorts/g-string)

Some of the guys will pretend to be customers and the girls will entertain them, and then we’ll switch it up an do it vice versa. We’re gonna have some fun and learn how to do a better job while making more money. So that’s it. I wanna see you guys tomorrow, just come dressed like I told you, if you have any questions, feel free to send a text at the main line (702) 605-0800.