LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas woman is accused of stealing more than $80,000 in watches from men staying at the Cosmopolitan hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Police say 23-year-old Windy Rose Jones stole the jewelry from two men while she was in their room.

Detectives believe the alleged thefts might be related to prostitution.

One of the men told police he may have been drugged as well.

Response from Wild Entertainment

This kind of crime is what we are dedicated to eradicating.  We want sex entertainment to be safe from the dangers of theft, physical endangerment or violence.  We want both the entertainer and customer to feel 100% safe.  This is why we always screen our entertainers and ask them to provide a sheriff’s card.  This is the most exhaustive background check available.  We also interview and train and carefully manage our men and women so we can ensure a satisfactory experience for our clientele.

Las Vegas is known as “Sin City” for it’s sexy fun nature and we want to keep our tourists happy so they’ll come back time and time again.  That’s why we need more regulation and protections in this industry.  We need entertainment providers to be more accountable and verified.  And we need the entertainers to be screened and to be qualified to work in our city.  We hate when we hear about someone scamming our tourists.  We want to create an environment that is open, honest and transparent, for the first time in the sex entertainment industry.  We hope to make a positive change and improve the lives for our customers and entertainers.   We always strive for a Win-Win-Win scenario at all times 😉