Please read before contacting us!

What does Wild Entertainment do?

We are an exotic entertainment agency, specializing in private parties and corporate events. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

What kind of people do you hire?

We hire people for all types of exotic entertainment jobs!  These include (but not limited to):

  • Exotic Dancers
  • Bartender / Server
  • Card Dealer
  • Golf Caddy
  • Sushi Model
  • Fantasy Date
  • Burlesque Dancer
  • Fetish & Fantasy
  • Cosplay Model
  • Atmosphere Model

To learn more about our jobs for men, click here.

To learn more about our jobs for women, click here.

What makes you a top rated agency?
  • We are licensed and insured in Las Vegas
  • We are the highest rated entertainment agency on Yelp
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 12 years
  • We specialize in hiring, training and managing talent
  • We require you to pass a background check
  • We need talent that is punctual, honest, reliable and respectful.
  • Our pay ranges from $25 per hour up to $500 per hour (This is dependent on the type of job)
  • We offer a variety of services for special events and private parties
  • We have five types of jobs for men and over thirty types of jobs for women
  • You are in control of your own working schedule
  • Our jobs are safe and for entertainment purposes only
Do you pay well?
BEST PAY IN THE INDUSTRY How many agencies do you know that allow you to choose your own rates?  Most don’t because it’s much more work on their end.  But here at Wild Entertainment, we’ve learned how to handle it.  We are here to provide you with immediate work at top pay. We work hard to earn your trust. If you have ever considered a career such as this one, WIld Entertainment is the best place to start! We have the best dancers and models and we are dedicated to helping entertainers reach their dream of financial success, as well as appearing in prestigious magazines such as Playboy/Playgirl/Cosmopolitan as well as popular shows like Chippendales, Magic Mike Live, Aussie Heat, Fantasy, Sexxy, Crazy Girls and X Burlesque.
How do I apply?

Click here to fill out our online application

How safe are the jobs?
We understand that the experiential entertainment industry may be very new to you. We want you to feel completely comfortable and are here to guide you in whatever direction you are looking to take your career. Whether you are simply interested in a confidential weekend gig to boost your income, or you are looking to begin a long and creative entertainment career, we are here to help! We are here not only as your agent, but as your friend, your confidant, and your security system.
What benefits do you provide?
As talent for our agency, we provide you with training as well as free photo shoots.
When are your photoshoots?

Photoshoots are held at our studio every Wednesday from noon to 8pm (appointment is necessary)

Where are you located?
Our office is based in Las Vegas, NV.  In the Highlands Business Park close to Fashion Show Mall.
What are your office hours?
We are not an inbound service so our hours can fluctuate.  We normally operate at of the office from 12pm to midnight, Thursday through Sunday.  Monday through Wednesday we are either at the office or working from home.  Appointments are required before visiting.
What is required to do the job?

  • Must be 21+ with valid ID (You will need to get a TAM card)
  • Own a Cell Phone & Reliable Transportation
  • Clean Background (You will need to get a sheriffs card)
How do we get paid?
You can get paid by several different methods:

  • Cash collect at parties
  • Check paid on every Monday (excluding holidays)
  • Paypal, Venmo or Bitcoin
Do I need experience?

We are happy to arrange for you to attend several parties so that you may observe what the job entails and speak with our other performers. Only once you are completely comfortable, we can bring you on board as your own entertainer.

Training is also provided through our 24/7 online training center with free tutorials and videos. 

Am I allowed to work with other agencies?
Yes. Nevada is a right-to-work state so you are allowed to work with as many agencies as you wish.  However, talent that works for us exclusively will be entitled to more benefits.  You can contact our office anytime with questions.
What is it like?

  • You can accept jobs at your own convenience and schedule.
  • You get paid a base pay (highest in the industry) PLUS gratuity!
  • All TALENT are hired as Independent Contractors (You?re your own Boss)
  • Wild Entertainment provides all Tax Information & Forms
  • Free Photo-shoots
  • Free Company Outings & Parties
Will I appear on any websites?
BY PERMISSION ONLY We are a transparent company and will only put your pictures on our websites with your approval. You are allowed to choose which photos appear on your profile page and can edit your pictures, video, and text description at any time. 

Wild Entertainment manages the following websites for the following job categories:

  • Crush Models (Atmosphere Models)
  • Lorem Servo (Bartender / Waitress / Waiter / Butler / Host / Hostess)
  • Wild Thingz (Burlesque / Go-Go / Golf Caddy / Card Dealer/ Sushi Model / Acrobats / Specialty Acts)
  • Striptainers (Stripper Entertainment)
  • Fantasy Date (Male Companionship)
  • Curv (LGBT Entertainment)

All of our websites are mainstream (except for Striptainers, Fantasy Date and Curv which are more adult oriented) and designed for a higher end clientele. That is why it is important to meet our photos and videos qualifications.